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Wilfred Botchway

Wilfred Botchway is a United States Army veteran and dedicated individual with a strong desire to help and support the less privileged or underserved communities in our society. Mr. Botchway is the founder and CEO of Chameleon Eagle Security Services LLC. aka~ Chameagle – pronounced “kam-eagle”. Mr. Botchway provides website support to GCFLF, ensuring that the organization is able to deliver educational materials for financial literacy to the youth, as he actively engages in education and awareness initiatives, sharing his knowledge to empower others in safeguarding their digital assets and privacy.

Mr. Botchway’s academic background, in Computer Network Systems, Forensics in Cyber Investigations, and Cybersecurity Management and Policy, complements his practical expertise, enabling him to deliver innovative, reliable, and adaptive solutions that address not only internal threats but also the vulnerabilities within the supply chain.