Book Series

The Wesley Learns book series

The Wesley Learns book series was created and written by Navy Veteran, Author, YouTube Influencer & Co-Founder of GCFLF, Mr. Prince Dykes. The series was born from the reflection Prince had as an adult on his upbringing and the lack of financial knowledge passed down to him from his parents. This led him to engage in a conversation with his father about why he did not better prepare him for the financial hardships that life presents as we grow into adulthood. 

His father replied to him that he did not pass any information down to him because he did not fully understand the world of finance. Prince knew that he had to break the cycle of financial illiteracy in his family by making sure that the financial knowledge he gains throughout his life gets passed on to his son ensuring that he grows up with full understanding of how to better prepare himself for financial success as an adult.

Sadly, the Princes’ story is all too common for millions of families in our country. It is because of this reason that Prince and his fellow Co-Founder and Navy Veteran Chadrick Davis made the decision to create Global Children Financial Literacy Foundation. 

Their mission is to build a solid foundation of financial literacy for the next generation by introducing financial literacy at an early age to children through the Wesley Learns Book Series! Wesley Learns goal is to become the premier organization that introduces children to the world of financial literacy and provide the Wesley Learns Book series to one million children across the United States